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Why you need to design packaging as much for online stores as on-the-shelf

Fiona Florence, MD of brand consultancy JDO UK , talks digital 'shelf-shout' in the era of ecommerce. In the blink of an eye, our notion of shopping has shifted. The explosion of technology and 24/7 screen culture has caused each and every one of us to rethink how we buy stuff.  My epiphany came on a cold December’s day a decade ago. Heavily pregnant with my third child, the appeal of Amazon’s next-day delivery easily won out over the prospect of battling through the Oxford Street crowds in the run up to Christmas. No thanks. And what started with a handful of orders is now, ten years on, pretty much all my purchases, from beer to bog roll. I’m not alone. Large-scale migration to ecommerce has triggered dwindling footfall on the High Street and encouraged an increasingly competitive online marketplace. This shift has fundamentally altered how people interact with the brands they buy. No longer do shoppers see your ad and then show up at the aisle armed with cash to get the brand in hand. Instead, most will now do some form of ‘pre-tail’ sleuthing: they’ll Google it, read customer reviews, and maybe do a price comparison, piecing together all the requisite facts that guide their future purchase.  This shows how the user journey has changed monumentally.

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