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The kids will listen and obey after the first request, and he’ll make it through the morning church service without his dress pants getting crayon, pencil, or cookie smeared on them. The weather will be perfect for an afternoon family bike ride, where no one will get so tired of pedaling that he’ll ask dad to schlepp his bike home the last half-mile. He’ll relax at the grill with a beer, then roast marshmallows with the kids over the fire pit before everyone goes down to bed painlessly and without fuss, leaving us some quiet time to just be together. He’ll have the day off to simply enjoy his family—the stress of work, school, parenting, and life in general off his mind and shoulders at least for one day. This isn’t to say it’s not possible for all of the above to happen, nor is it to say that the disappointment of life’s certain hiccups is all that troubling. But these holidays—you know the ones: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day—seem to carry with them some undue pressure to make things perfect, get things right, and not let anything stand in the way of expressing our undying love for those people in our lives who are to be celebrated that day. Whether that pressure is felt by those being celebrated—to smile, laugh, and have the best day of the year possible—or those trying to express their gratitude and adoration—to make the day as stress-free, fun, and happy as can be—it, and the possibility for disappointment, can be overwhelming. Father’s Day seems to have its own unique baggage, too. It’s often hijacked by those who see fathers as optional or the patriarchy as evil, by mothers who see the day as really for them, or by lazy marketers who can’t resist lumping dads with grads in their gift-pushing, leaving many fathers to wonder why anyone should bother. But before you go and decide to trash Father’s Day for good, here are a few tips to avoid the possible disappointment.

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