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Double batch of bad news: Two bakery stores close within one week in Detroit Lakes

Schur attributes the closures to the company's switchover from Sara Lee to Bimbo Bakeries USA. "They didn't allow us to fill the empty space on the shelves with new product. People would walk in, see the bare store and head right back out the door," she said. The store will close, and now the leftover and nearly expired product spillover will go straight to the dumpster. "It's easier to pay waste management than to pay me," she said. "In one year, we've lost 60 percent of business." Schur is disappointed and has decided to pursue a career outside of retail after the heavy loss. "I cried for weeks," she said. "I'm done now." She looks forward to a summer off and plans to return to the work force this fall. Lauren Zima, owner of the Nines in downtown Detroit Lakes, said she and her husband purchased the bakery downtown when they heard of its closing a year ago. They didn't have high hopes to make a profit, they just wanted to keep it open. They ended up being faced with unforeseen costs and changes in federal regulations.

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