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For information, visit . Free to watch. Susie Tommaney Houston Grand Opera has finally arrived at Gotterdammerung (The Twilight of the Gods), the finale of composer Richard Wagners four-part epic about the gods and their ultimate downfall. Siegfried (Simon ONeill) and Brunnhilde (Christine Goerke) have spent the night together, and he gives her the ring he stole so long ago from the greedy Alberich. Returning as Alberich, bass-baritone Christopher Purves has a smaller part than in Das Rheingold, but in a pivotal scene with his son, Hagen, he urges him to get the ring back and protect his fathers legacy. In obliging, Hagen initiates proceedings that ultimately result in death and the end of Valhalla. I think people will come to see it because we still have a fascination with things that are larger than life, Purves says. Its stories of the gods, mythology that still excites us. We want something bigger than our lives. Speaking of bigger, running time is an estimated five and a half hours with two intermissions, so evening performances begin at 6 p.m., much earlier than usual. Sung in German with projected English translations. 6 p.m.

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