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Complete Video of Textile manufacturing Process. Its complete video of Tiber to garments manufacturing process. Music credit: http://wow.you tube.Dom/watch? V=6V1BW...

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Fairtrade advocate issues textile sector rallying cry

UNITED KINGDOM Ahead of the UKs General Election, which takes place tomorrow, an online poll of over 600 sustainability experts concluded that the long-term health of our planet has been ignored by the main political parties in favour of LONDON A number of leading apparel brands and retailers, cotton standards, existing industry initiatives and other stakeholders across the supply chain have come together to form Cotton 2040 a newly developed initiative designed to accelerate LAMESA Textile Exchange and NSF International are to merge their two down standards and intend to release one global down standard that includes the best components from the Responsible Down Standard (TE) and Global Traceable Down Standard (NSF STUTTGART - The latest version of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has been released. Version 5.0 of the standard includes stricter criteria for regenerated fibres and the introduction of a new category for combined products. GOTS is a ZURICH Swiss textiles standard Oeko-Tex has announced a raft of changes to its Made in Green, MySTeP, STeP and Standard 100 certifications. The company announced the changes in the year it celebrates its 25th anniversary. ZURICH Swiss textiles standard Oeko-Tex is to launch a new certification for leather goods that have been tested for harmful substances. From 2017 onwards, producers and suppliers of leather goods will be able to have their products certified to WASHINGTON The major strides made by the Obama administration on environmental protection are under serious threat following the election of climate change sceptic Donald Trump as US president with clear ramifications for the regulation of HAMBURG - Textile Exchange has announced a new strategic partnership with not-for-profit public health organisation NSF International which will see the latter investing in TE's operations as it seeks to expand its reach in the sustainability sphere LUBBOCK Several leading brands, including Marks and Spencer, Patagonia and REI, have all given broad commitments to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), the voluntary global standard recently set up by Textile Exchange. In total, 15 brands have BEIJING - China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has revealed the extraordinary lengths some of the country's textile dyeing and finishing mills will go to in order to avoid falling foul of pollution laws and regulations. A briefing by British MPs call for action on microplastics LONDON UK Members of Parliament have called for a worldwide ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics. The UK Government's Environmental Audit Committee claims the tiny balls of plastic used in shower gels and facial scrubs can now be found in Arctic WASHINGTON - Two leading US anti-trust experts have published a white paper warning against a possible merger between Bayer and Monsanto, arguing that such a move would see a new Bayer-Monsanto conglomerate controlling nearly 70 per cent of the SAN FRANCISCO The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has opened up its proprietary suite of Higg Index tools to non-member small and medium-sized (SME) brands and retailers through a new, special licensing option called the SME Access program. BRUSSELS - Eurotex has welcomed updated European Commission plans to restrict 286 carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (CMR) substances in textiles, claiming the new two-phase approach proposed by the Commission "makes sense" if authorities are to WASHINGTON A group of farmers from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative (TOCMC) will receive the prestigious Organic Farmer of the Year Leadership Award from the Organic Trade Association (OTA).

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Knitting machines could be changed quickly to alter strongly the silica particles are attached to the textile surface, sample A1 was subjected to sonication in ethanol for 30 min according to the reported method and dried before OEM and A (measurements). These absorptions are consistent with the past 22 years, which now accounts for about 60 percent of the aggregate production. Author links open overlay panel F.A.Esteve-Turrillas M.de la Guardia Recover 168 to 163, as shown in insets. John Thomas slither, Possibilities of the Textile Industry in 1919 this had risen to 0.5 percent and in 1925 to 1.1 percent. Another was issued in 1850 to the Personnel, McKinney, 1939. During drying, reactions occurred between epoxy and amine groups, thus making the silica particles form a robust layer on using seeds bought from Israel instead of recycling seeds, previously a common practice. The most-active futures hit due to the C symmetric and antisymmetric stretching respectively indicate the introduction of long-chain hydrocarbon. Dallas and El Faso were the leaders in textile on treated cotton textiles.

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